Women’s Hair Tips for Consultations

  • When you have your consultation with your stylist tell them what you don’t like about your hair and what you do like about your hair. 
  • Let them know what products that you use on your hair and if you are happy with the results. 
  • Tell them about your lifestyle and about how much time you want to spend on your hair. 
  • Let them know if you are having trouble working with your styling tools or products so that they can make some suggestions. 
  • Pictures are always helpful as a reference to what type of cut you want. They will assist in making sure that you and your stylist are on the same page and allow your stylist to give you a personal recommendation in customizing your hair. 


Women Color services

  • Customized color for  your skin tone  and lifestyle.
  • Color  Experiences for every budget.  


Top Eight up-do tips

Follow these steps, and leave the worry to your stylist.

  • Do a trial run several months before the actual event, especially for a wedding
  • Bring a camera to the appointment with you and take many pictures from every angle of your hairstyle
  • Try out several desired styles
  • Do a trial run the same day as you get a fitting, so that you can view your complete look
  • Come with clean, DRY hair-this ensures that the stylist has enough time to spend on your hair without misusing your appointment time drying your hair
  • Wear a top that is button- down or zip-up
  • Bring in pictures of styles-remember that celebrities often use hairpieces to create their looks
  • Bringing in pictures of your dress may assist in ensuring that your hairstyle will be cohesive