Men’s Hair Tips for Consultations

  1. Men cuts come in all different styles just like men.

  2. We will customize the right look for you and your lifestyle.

  3. We teach you what to use to create and maintain your modern look.


Men’s Color Care

  • Turn back time and look as young as you feel with FLASH BACK color for men

  • Designed specially for men discreetly conceals grey and white hair in just 10 minutes with a natural looking finish




Men’s Shaving Tips

1 Have the Right Tools

  • A shower mirror is our first choice

  • A well lit area – it’s good to see

  • A soft face towel for those without a shower mirror. Oh and hot running water!!

  • Time – Speed and shaving are NOT a good combination


2 The Steps for light Growth

  • Apply shaving gel generously

  • It’s best to shave down and then across at an angle – DO NOT shave from the neck up. THAT causes problems.

  • Rinse off your face thoroughly in the shower OR with a soft cloth.

  • Next, use a Toner and lasting, apply a Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF8 to protect your skin from sun damage all year round.